Smartheart Chicken Pumpkin Creamy Dog Treats (4 Sachets)


SmartHeart Creamy Dog Treats Chicken & Pumpkin is a creamy treats for dogs “love to lick”. This treats is a new trick for dog’s lovers which allow people to have closer relationship and more activities with dogs. The tasty treats made from high quality ingredients. Dogs will enjoy this creamy treats with happy and healthy.

Beta-carotene maintains proper eye function and improves eyesight.
Vitamin A & C helps nourish dog’s skin and coat.
Fiber helps to promote the healthy digestive system.
To feed as a snack for rewarding and training dogs.
To mix with a dry food or medicine. Dogs will enjoy a yummy meal or easily take medicine.
Do not feed your dog only this treats. Dogs also need a proper dog food to get the balanced nutrition. Always prepare the clean drinking water for your dogs at all time.

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60 g


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