Pedigree Adult Rodeo Chicken Flavour Dog Treats


Give your pup a treat he really deserves. Pedigree Rodeo in delicious chicken flavour twists is a special dog treat for your special little furry friend that will bring a smile on his and your face. These succulent treats for dogs are soft and chewy making them ideal for training, rewarding or just treating your dog at any time of the day. Pedigree Rodeo treats are chewy and delicious twister-shaped biscuits, made for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. Pedigree Rodeo sticks are the optimal choice when treating your dog, be that during training or after good behaviour. Pedigree Rodeo are filled with nutrients and vitamins, you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging your dog anymore. Pedigree Rodeo treats are specifically designed to help support active dogs, without any artificial colours or flavourings. Each bite is filled with Omega 3, which helps to keep your dog fit, alongside minerals to help protect the body, inside and outside and ensure strong bones.

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123 g


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