Pedigree Adult Meat & Rice Dry Dog Food


See 5 signs of good health in 6 weeks – a pedigree assurance! Keep your pet dog healthy, active & happy!

Pedigree Meat & Vegetable food for Adult dogs is a wholesome meal, packed with essential nutrients vital to the healthy growth of your pet. The natural goodness of cereals, soybean, carrots, peas and animal protein blend into a tasty treat for your little one. It assures healthier and a shinier coat, strong muscles, good digestive health, healthy bones and teeth and a stronger immune system.This food is produced under the highest factory standards keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of dogs and subjected to quality checks. This food contains no artificial colours and flavours. This food has time-tested flavours of the custom dog food recipe and crunchy kibbles that make your pet dog rush towards his meal! This diet is apt for the adult dogs of all the breeds, be it a cute little Pug, a big, bold German Shepherd or a friendly, playful Labrador!

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