Me-O Creamy Treats Chicken & Liver Packs Cat Treats


Me-O Creamy Treats are highly nutritious and beneficial treats that are so delicious your cats will love. It is made from high quality ingredients that helps improve your cat’s eyesight and boost its immune system. Me-O Creamy Treats uses top quality ingredients to provide your cat with a natural, nutrient rich food without any added additives. The nutrients are met in the right amounts to build and promote strong and lean muscles, support bones and teeth, boost immunity and promote digestibility. This treat is not only tasty but also a healthy treat that soothes digestive system. Taurine in this treat improves eyesight and omega 6, zinc and other fatty acids keeps the skin healthy and brings the lustre in coat. The meal is perfected to the consistency that your cats will drool over. Me-O Creamy Treats helps promote the overall wellness of th pet and helps in digestion. It also prevents risk of bladder stone and decreases risk of high blood pressure and kidney and heart disease in cats. Me-O Creamy Treats nourishes cat’s skin and hair.

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60 g


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