Me-O Adult Tuna With Chicken In Jelly Packs Cat Wet/Gravy Food


A delicious tasty gravy treat from Meo which your cat will undoubtedly like. Tuna is a hot favorite of cats and the added chicken also provides additional protein otherwise not found in fish meal. A complete balanced wet snack for cats. Manufactured by PCG in Thailand.


1)Suitable for cats as well as Persian cats of age above 3 months.

2)Provides all essential nutrients. Can be fed daily.

3)With the goodness of tuna meat and chicken dripped in delicious jelly.

4)With 10% protein(min) and 80% moisture. Less than 1% fat.

5)Very tasty. Even choosy cats go gaga over this.

6)Can be given in combination with regular dry food. Makes otherwise bland dry food more alluring to cats.

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80 g


Pack of 4, Pack of 6, Pack of 12, Pack of 24


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