Himalaya Digyton Plus Syrup for Pets


The Himalaya Digyton Plus is formulated to help digestion by stimulating the secretion of relevant enzymes in the stomach. It’s antibacterial, antispasmodic and bowel regulating properties also help to control gastric infections that are commonly associated with adult dogs. Key ingredients in this formula include Black Pepper and Licorice. Black Pepper helps overall digestion thanks to its sialagogue action which prompts the secretion of saliva in the stomach. It also has anti-flatulent and digestive properties. The liquorice on the other hand helps to treat gastric infections and abdominal pains. It also has spasmolytic action.

Product type: Digestive stimulant for adult pets
Suitable for cats and dogs
Key ingredients include Black Pepper and Licorice
Generally used on indications of Indigestion, colic, flatulence, intolerance to sudden food changes, Irregular bowel movement and functioning
Shake bottle before use
Please consult a vet before using (esp. for dosage recommendations)
Check for possible allergens

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100 ml


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