#DumbledogFeeds is an initiative started by the

Founder of Dumbledog Store, Mr. Naresh Kumar Pawani. 

He started out by feeding just 5-7 dogs around his house; but when the pandemic hit, he saw a lot of them suffer due to hunger and decided to expand the initiative.

Today that number has gone upto around 120 dogs in and around South Delhi. This is small passion project at the moment but we would love to make it bigger so we can feed more dogs around Delhi NCR.

#Leo’sforDumbledog is a kind and generous step by Leo’s Artisan Pizzeria. The founder Mr. Amol Kumar has pitched in to fund the feed for these fur babies for 2 months and we are so grateful for his compassionate gesture.

Mr. Naresh feeds these dogs every night in parts of South Delhi with rice, chicken and some dog food from his store. If you wish to donate for this cause, please find the details below.

Account Details : DUMBLEDOG 

Acc. No. : 032205002741

IFSC: ICIC0000322

Current account

Instagram : @Dumbledog.petstore 


Residents of Delhi can find us at our operational stores :-

Dumbledog Pet Store | RK Puram


Dumbledog Pet Store | CR Park


Whatsapp : +(91)-9999647488 

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