Understanding your Pup!

Scientists have learned that many animals, including common pets like dogs and cats, can exhibit personality traits in similar ways that humans do. 

Pets, like humans have varying personalities. When getting a new pet home, it is important to understand their behaviour and response to various stimuli. Like humans, dogs are also



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The best way to test your dog/pups confidence is to take it to an unfamiliar area or place, and calling to the dog/pup. This is the best measure to asses your dogs confidence.

A confident pup will come readily to you, may jump towards you playfully or even bite your hands. A fearful pup, however might not even move at all.

It is important to gauge this in your dog, as like humans dogs can be introverted or extroverted. It is important to not put your furry buddy in a situation they might be uncomfortable in to make sure they do not get anxious, or snap at somebody.



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To assess the independence of your pet, get up and walk away from it in a normal manner. It is important for your pet to notice you walk away.

A dependent pet will walk towards you towards you, while an independent pup might even walk away.

It is important to know if your dog is independent or dependent, to make sure they don’t venture away from you on a walk when not on their leash.


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In order to discover how a puppy accepts stress when socially and/or physically dominated, you will need to crouch down and gently roll the puppy on his back; holding it with one hand for a full 30 seconds.

A dominant puppy will struggle fiercely, flailed and may even bite. 

On the other hand, a submissive puppy will note give any struggle and strain to avoid eye contact.


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The best way to assess a pup’s trainability is to sit next to it, and play with a ball. Make sure the dog sees the ball, and then roll the ball around in front of your pup, toss it in your hand and throw the ball 1-2 meters away.

This is an effective strategy to asses your relationship with the pup, and how trainable they would be. The response the dog shows to the ball would be directly related to their trainability.



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Some puppies get anxious or run away when they hear loud noises like firecrackers, others bark and try to investigate.


It is important to know your pup’s sensitivity to loudness to make sure you can avoid taking them to places where they might feel any sort of discomfort.


The way to test your pet’s sensitivity to loudness, is to have someone bang a metal spoon on a pan and see how they react.


This is also an efficient test for deafness.



It is very important to understand your pups personality, to make sure they are happy and healthy!


So, in conclusion we would like to answer a Frequently Asked Question - Do dogs have a personality?

YES! It is just a little different from ours. They might not have speech as a tool for communication, but we learn to understand their barks to assess what they want, like the rudimentary barks that convey simple messages, like “let’s go for a walk” or “I am hungry”. But they do understand language. And they can read our body language as well or better than we do.

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