How to Encourage Positive Behavior in your Pet

As pet parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that are furry babies are well behaved and well trained. No one likes an untrained or ill-behaved companion, and in this blog, we will discuss with you the tips and tricks of encouraging good behavior in your pet. Before we go ahead, let us just remind you that Dumbledog currently has the best prices on pet food and treats which you can check out here



  1. Create a Routine.

Very much like humans, animals react very well to routines. Create a routine for Waking up, sleeping, eating, going on walks for your pet to encourage good behavior. Making routines lead to more disciplined animals, this inversely leads to better behavior around people and less stress. This also helps your pet not get anxious, as they are following a set routine. This also makes your life much easier, if you manage to sync your pet’s routine with your own! That way, you can co-exist and create a happy home for your furry buddies!

  1. Nutrition!

Make sure that you consult your vet and create a nutritious and healthy diet for your pet. Much like humans, pet require healthy and nutritious food. There are various options for healthy food that you can find for your Cat or Dog on www.dumbledog .com! Creating a healthy routine for your pet helps your pet stay healthy, have a solid immune system and makes them less anxious as well- overall a much happier healthier life!

  1. Reward Good Behavior, Discourage Bad Behavior.

Much like dealing with toddlers, when training your pet, it is important to react appropriately to their responses to your training.

For example, if you are training your puppy always carry a bag of their favorite treats on your person to reward them when they follow your cues and respond to your training. If however, your pet doesn’t listen to your commands or does something undesirable like poop on the couch, it is important to make them realize that they have done something wrong. Hence, you should not pet them if they do something wrong, and discourage the bad behavior by a time out or sternly but gently saying no. It is very important to not use violence as a training method. Animals are complex creatures just like humans, and it is not justified to resort to violence as a training tool.

Instead use treats to reward good behaviors and timeouts to discourage the bad!

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  1. Exercise

Just like humans, animals respond very well to exercise. Lack of exercise may cause gastronomical, neuro and muscular issues in your pet, just like humans, hence a regular exercise routine is very important. Add exercise to your pet’s daily routine as we spoke about in point one to encourage good behavior!

  1. Spend time with your pet.

Animals are selfless, loving and do not expect much. Make sure to spend some time playing with your dog, petting them and comforting them every single day. Love and affection goes a long way in showing your pet that you love and appreciate them, and will help enforce positive behavior in your pet in the long run.

We hope this blog was informative and helpful. Before you go, we would like to remind you that Dumbledog has the best deals on pet food and treats, which you can check out here

This is Dumbledog family signing off!