Get your dog to say hello!

How to train your dog to say hello

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Ever since we were kids, we were fed with pop culture fantasies of talking animals. From cartoons like the well loved Phineas and Ferb over at Disney creating a complicated gadget to decipher your pet’s language, to Live Action movies like “Air Buds” and well loved “Cats and Dogs” compelling us to sit in front of our pets and getting them to speak, all in vain! This phenomenon is so popular, that Disney actually made an entire series dedicated to a Talking Dog, with Dog with a Blog (No this is not Stan writing this blog… or is it?) While over here at Dogwards, Dumbledog has given all dogs the ability to speak.  

Well in the muggle world, we cannot get our furry buddies to speak with us, we can sure train them to understand and respond to certain stimuli, which can help them communicate!

In this blog, let us give you the magic spell that will make your dog say hello to you!


Step 1: Preparation

Dumbledog Petstore | Dumbleblog

There are some thing you might want to be prepared with, before you start the training process.

Select a treat your dog likes.  We at Dumbledog have a variety of treats, at amazing prices so you can train your dog with ease, and also grab yourself a human treat with the money you saved! Click Here to shop for dog treats.

Treats are an important part of the training process, as acts as an incentive for your dog to follow your command. Remember to pair your treats with verbal praise when preparing your dog to give you his paw and say hello!


Step 2: Choose a Verbal Cue

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While you might be tempted to use “Wingardium Leviosa” it is not advisable to do so. Use a short and easy to understand verbal cue like “Hello” “Hi” “Paw” “Shake” and make sure everyone who wants to greet your pet uses the same phrase so as to not confuse the doggo.


Step 3: Pick a Training Area

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Choose a distraction free zone, where your dog can concentrate on you and your commands. Make sure you turn off anything that might disturb or distract the dog. It is important to have their undivided attention during this time.


Step 4: The Training

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4(a) Let your dog sniff the treat, this will help your pet identify that there will be a reward if it follows your instructions. Make sure to not give the treat before the training process.

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4(b) Hold the treat in a fist In front of the dog. Most dogs will now try to raise their paw to get the treat.

It is important to give verbal praise even if the dog moves their paw a little bit.

The trick is to always ignore the undesired behaviour and reward the desired behaviour.

 Dumbledog Petstore | Dumbleblog

Repeat the training process everyday for 10-15 days. Your pet will start to identify this ritual and will learn how to say hello! Remember to always praise the doggie when it follows your command, and give them a treat whenever possible.


We hope you liked this blog, if your dog can say hello - send us a video at @dumbledog.petstore on Instagram to get featured!


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