Diwali and Petcare Pt. 1

How to be compassionate this diwali?


Diwali is all about the hustle and bustle of love. The exchanging of gifts, the beautiful light, the excited children and the sense of giving are overwhelmingly powerful and contagious! But during this celebration of Light, Homecoming & Love, we often neglect our furry buddies, who are often anxious during the festival. The Crackers, Noise and Crowds associated with Diwali are dangerously annoying for our pets, and can also have long term negative effects in their behaviour and mental health. Hence, we need to be extremely careful of their wellbeing during this season. Here are some ways to be compassionate towards our pets during Diwali:


  1. Avoid Crackers


The bursting of cracker causes fear, confusion, anxiety and panic in the animals. 

The panic makes them hide, sit in corners, prefer being secluded, avoid exercise and not even eat!

The most common symptoms of cracker bursting seen in animals are fear, salivation, shaking, trembling, shivering, excessive barking, loss of appetite, aggressiveness, etc. 

Animals have a higher sensitivity to sound than humans, where their sensitivity ranges at about 40hz to 60hz hence, the crackers bursting seems extremely loud to them, to a point that it may even damage their hearing at times.


  1. The Anti- Anxiety Vaccines

Many people are unaware, but you can take your pet and consult your doctor about the possibility of getting your pet an Anti-Anxiety shot if it is safe and recommended, it helps keeps pets calm and makes the Diwali time much more bearable for them

Give your pet Treats to make them feel calm.

  1. Familiar surroundings


Place your pet in familiar surroundings, where they are most comfortable and there is minimal outside noise. If you live in a locality that has still not boycotted cracker use, use a cotton cloth or blanket to muff their ears to avoid distress. Calm them down, and give them love and attention. Give them the reassurance that they are in a safe place.

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  1. Keep doors and Windows closed

While the crackers are major pollutants, both in terms of noise and air - it is advised to keep your doors and windows closed especially if you have a furry baby at your place. It helps them avoid the toxins and the noise.


  1. Pay some music to mask cracker noise, and to calm them down

 Like humans, dogs also respond to certain sounds and music! Music also helps drown down the outside noise, keeping them anxiety free!


While it is not humanly possible to keep all the strays safe this Diwali season, the best act of kindness we can partake in as Good samaritans, is to not burst crackers. It is our responsibility as citizens, to learn how to co-exist with animals, and as a gesture of kindness we need to do everything it takes to keep the animals around us safe and comfortable. If you can, do feed the strays this Diwali! Dumbledog has some amazing discounts on Dog and Cat food this Diwali that you might like to check out here.


We hope this festive season, we are more empathetic towards the enviroment and the voiceless animals. Let’s all take a step towards sustainability and co-existence.