How to choose the best Dog Treats?

As Dog lovers, we are always concerned about what our Dogs are eating. Now, dogs being inquisitive little creatures, will want to eat absolutely anything and everything, from raw fruit to TV remotes (Mine tried to chew on my laptop screen, yes that happened) But as Pet parents,we are always on the lookout for the healthiest options for our furry cuties! Now, before we get into it- we want to remind you that we have an extensive collection of Healthy Dog Treats available for your pet on our store.

So, to help you figure out how to choose treats for your pets, we have a comprehensive guide on just that topic!


“Choosing a dog food dog should be easy, but with so many options, it can be surprisingly tough to make the right choice. Have you ever come across a dog who doesn’t like treats?”

But dog treats are just not for “snacking” or a training tool. Treats are an important part of your pet’s routine, and also in some cases an important part to supplement their nutrition, health and growth!

So, this leads us to ask the million dollar question,

How do you choose the perfect dog treats?

Here is how:

Treats for puppies help aid nutrition, and growth and are vital for your pet. Fennel seeds, can be used as treats as well as they boost immunity. Treats should not contain garlic, onion, chocolates or grape. These are most commonly ingested by dogs, when given as table scraps. These can be harmful, or even deadly. Instead, feed them treats that are made for them, will aid their nutrition and immunity. We have a variety of Dog Treats you can choose from, from Chappi to Royal Canin - we have it all. Shop here

Adult dog treats should aim at supporting skin, fur and overall health of the adult dog. Treats should be induced with flaxseeds, as these ar eproven to support the Dog’s fitness and nutrition.

Avoid treats with excess amount of sodium or fat, as these might be very dangerous for your pet. Please always read the label containing nutrition instruction and dosage/allowed frequency.

Try Treats with Fruits and Vegetables like Carrots, Broccoli etc! We were all told the importance of eating our greens as kids, and believe it or not- they can be just as useful and healthy for your furry baby!

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Apple slices without seeds, and even watermelon without the seeds make for great treats for Dogs!

Look out for allergies! Just like humans, your dog might be allergic to certain foods or substances as well! Make sure you identify if your pet is allergic to a particular food and do not feed them the treat, incase it contains that substance.

Older dogs are usually at risk of joint related ailments, make sure you feed them treats with healthy ingredients which will provide much needed support and nutrition to aid to rest and recovery!

While the subject of dog treats can be quite overwhelming for the uninitiated, it is best to consume as much information as you can and make the most informed decision for your furry buddy and with this article, we aimed to do just that!

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