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Who We Are

Dumbledog’ was produced in view of the Magical Pets!

The one stop pet stop for all those Magical Pets who will appreciate an upbeat, solid life.

We know how essential the human-pet bond is, so our promise to quality pet care reaches out to each aspect of our business. For each purchase you make at Dumbledog, we will personally make sure that a portion of the sale goes to feed the strays everyday!

Dumbledog as a brand is heavily influenced by the iconic popular culture series, Harry Potter. At Dumbledog, we want to build a community of pet guardians who love their Magical Buddies as much as we do – and make their caring for their pets much easier and that is why we are a one stop solution to all your pet’s needs!

Our very own pet, Janaab ( Lhasa Apso) is the inspiration behind the brand logo of Dumbledog. He, much like Dumbledore taught Harry – has taught us a lot, and we sincerely believe that we have so much to gain from animals. We wish to use Dumbledog as a medium to spread the love and magic that animals bring to us! Hence, our Slogan- “Treat Like Family!”

The forefront of ‘Dumbledog’ is our love for pets. Be that as it may, the stays of our business are our extraordinary prices, wide range, speed of conveyance and thoughtful curators. We structured ‘Dumbledog’ with the aim of giving not just the best items at the most competitive costs, yet to wind up the #1 supplier of pet items, training and grooming.

In conclusion, let us leave you with a quote from our favourite movie.

"But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ― Albus Dumbledore

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